March 14, 2014

The power of organic.

We know that fruits and vegetables that should be eaten
with EVERY meal.  Organic is necessary because the daily consumption 
of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, not to mention the genetically modified component, creates a real health risk long-term. These pesticides are not only carcinogenic but they also interrupt your natural hormone balance since pesticides are actually xeno-estrogens. These means that they increase bad estrogen's in your body leading to a host of symptoms including weight gain, low libido, hair loss and memory loss. As for fresh fruits and vegetables, we are all well aware of their importance in health. This is where we find the TRUE cancer and disease-fighting components that keep us healthy and young. Not to mention, we also find a bulk of our minerals here (especially in GREEN leafy vegetables), which keep our body ALKALINE. And we all remember why being alkaline is so important right? Alkaline equals TISSUE OXYGEN, and a DISEASE-FREE body.

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