May 15, 2012

Celebrate 10 years with OTV!

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One lucky person or family will win a year of free organic produce 
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We are so excited to share our Birthday with you! 

Sweet peaches!

Sweet summer peaches in bulk!
Want MORE peaches and Nectarines from South Carolina? Perfect to start off the Summer and to put away by jarring or freezing
Order" bulk" Peaches and Nectarines THIS WEEK ONLY!May 16th - Wednesday delivery. Limited areas. 
Peaches 60 count for 46.00
Nectarines 62 count for 46.00
Please email or call us to place this order!
850-374-2181 or email:

Peach fun fact!
The term, “you’re a real peach” originated from the 
tradition of giving a peach to the friend you liked.