August 25, 2011

Fun with Fennel

SOME IDEAS for Fennel!
  • Sprinkle chopped fennel leaves on hot baked oysters or clams.
  • Add cooked fennel to omelets, quiches, stuffings or sauces.
  • Add stalks to stocks for their flavor.
  • Add sliced sauteed fennel to fish chowders.
  • Cook fennel in your favorite tomato sauce.
  • Place stalks and leaves on barbeque coals as they do in France. The fennel scent permeates the grilled food.
  • Slice steamed or blanched fennel, cover with a vinaigrette and serve chilled.
  • Chop raw fennel and add to tuna fish sandwiches.
  • Slice fennel thin and layer with raw potatoes, cream and cheese to make a potato au gratin.

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