July 25, 2014

Grilled Peach Salsa Recipe... 

It's time for peach crisps, peach ice cream and my new favorite - grilled peaches.
Grilling peaches is easy. Hot grill, a little oil, peaches. Cut them in half, brush on some oil and sear them till they slightly soften.
Excellent for chutneys, or as a sauce for fish or chicken, just toss with a bit of fresh ginger, some lemon juice, a dash or two of vinegar and boom.
If you're looking for a simple side to go with any grilled ingredient, try this salsa!
Ingredients: 5 large peaches, 5 tomatoes, chopped, 1 ½ jalapeno peppers, minced, ½ cup honey,
2 Tbsp fresh cilantro or cinnamon basil, chopped, Salt/pepper to taste
Instructions: Wash and remove pits of peaches. Brush oil on hot grill and cook face down for several minutes.
Flip over and grill until skin begins to darken. Remove when soft and pierced easily with a fork.
Cool, remove skins and then chop. Add tomatoes and peppers.  Stir in remaining ingredients and season to taste.
Notes: Remove seeds from peppers to regulate heat. Tomatoes can also be grilled for a more robust flavor.   
Enjoy your Summer!

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