February 26, 2013

Green Gift Certificates!
...birthdays, graduations or just ANYTIME healthy gift!

Green Gift Certificate
Anytime...Give the perfect
Green Gift Certificate 
of fresh Organic Fruits & Vegetables!  
(It fits, it's healthy plus everyone loves food!)
Choose any size dollar amount you need. 
You can send a Seasonal gift 
(one Mixed Produce share each Season - 4 times a year),
Once a Month gift series 
(one Mixed share each month) 
or a Single gift of an All fruit - $34.00, Mixed - $56.00 or Juicing - $48.00 share!
The gift recipient can redeem their gift anytime in 2013!   
 (Organic savings: When you prepay for your gifts or your regular subscriptions
you can save 10%...Ask us how!)  

Call: 850-374-2181 or email support@offthevine.org

Giving is receiving
Share health  

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