September 10, 2012

Good Neighbor Plan,
eat organic with friends & family!

Join our OTV Good Neighbor Plans!
We are here to help you receive fresh organic produce! Join our Good Neighbor Plan family!  To become an OTV "GNP" pick up location simply call us and we'll set you up! This allow us to get more organic produce to folks that are out of our delivery areas by utilizing a central drop spot.  Easy to do - the minimum order amount needed to form a GNP is 4 boxes! This works great for close neighborhoods, offices and healthy food groups looking for organic produce each week! Join our Good Neighbor Plan family!  
Our service is all about quality produce and great customer service! We can easily form your Good Neighbor Plan with you and get you going. 

  • All you need is 4 boxes each weekly order and your produce will come to you.We will need to determine a location for our drop off which will take in multiple boxes.  
  • In some cases the Good Neighbor Host will meet us to receive their boxes and take them back to their area. In other cases we may be able to reach outside our delivery areas to reach the Host. 
  • The Good Neighborhood Plan host will set a specific time to pick up at the selected location.   All boxes will need to be picked up or delivered by the Host within a 4 hour time frame from when the boxes are received by the Host.
  • The Host will receive points towards free produce according to the number of boxes taken in each month!  The Host can then spend those points on ANYTHING that Off the Vine offers on our website.
  • A great way to spend minimum hours each week to feed your family fresh organic produce!
Sign up today and start eating fresh organic produce with Off the Vine!

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