November 11, 2011


 What's fresh this week!  

November 13-19, 2011   
Mixed Vegetable & Fruit Organic Produce share 
Bi-color corn, green leaf lettuce, green beans, sweet potatoes,
green cabbage, yellow squashgrape tomatoes, cremini mushrooms,
collard greens, acorn squash, Hamlin oranges, Ambrosia apples,
Fuji apples and cranberries!

    All produce in our Mixed Vegetable and Fruit produce share
are US and locally grown and always USDA certified organic.  Local Southeast items in BOLD!

All Organic Fruit Share  
Seckle pears, Hamlin oranges, Ambrosia apples, Fuji apples,
red grapes, Concord pears and bananas!   
             What's fresh NEXT week....
Thanksgiving week! 
(Pre-Order available)
November 20-26, 2011   
Mixed Vegetable & Fruit Organic Produce share
Sweet potatoesGreen beans, Yukon gold potatoes, Carrots/Parsnips, white button mushrooms, grape tomatoescelery, romaine lettuce, chard, red leaf lettuce, yellow sweet onion, poultry fresh herbs - sage, rosemary and thyme selection, fresh cranberries, honey crisp apples, Fuji apples, tangelos and Bosc pears.  

                                                            All Organic Fruit Share 
 Fresh cranberries, honey crisp apples, bananas, kiwi,     
Fuji apples, tangelos, Bosc pears

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