September 20, 2011

Don't miss our Raw Living Food class!

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Pasta! Yes RAW pasta!  Thursday October 13, 2011 

Shana Wolf - owner and Jessica Ogle - raw foodie

Off the Vine Organic Produce
Off the Vine is sponsoring a series of classes designed to help us learn how to 
incorporate raw foods into our everyday diets!  All organic and raw, we'll create and serve Zucchini Pasta Alfredo with a rich nut based Alfredo cream sauce and spaghetti with a thick sun dried tomato marinara sauce. 

Enjoy a crisp green salad also with a freshly prepared raw dressing and we'll treat you to a honey sweet raw treat for dessert! 
 Come explore raw foodism with us! 
Remember 5$ off your Mixed Produce organic box 

when you order a box with us this week of the class!
Eat more raw foods and enjoy the maximum benefits from their nutrients!

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