May 23, 2011

Share and enjoy local organic produce :)

Off the Vine's Good Neighbor Plan
Connect with your neighbors, college friends, medical facilities and office friends...join our GOOD NEIGHBOR PLAN...where we deliver free to your address when you have 4 or more orders!  Plus earn free produce!  

Are you in the restaurant or food service business? 
Want Organic fresh produce? 
 We deliver our fresh local organic produce to food service establishments every week! Smaller quantities available for your unique needs. Call us and we'll fill you in on the details. 

Health Food stores...
Use Off the Vine to provide your current customers with fresh organic produce.  They pick up at your location and continue to buy from you for all their other health care needs.  No more wasting and throwing away money trying to provide a weekly mini produce market.  Earn benefits from Off the Vine, keep your customers and  forget lost produce dollars going down the drain!  

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